Antonio Cosma
National Cytometry Platform, Luxembourg Institute of Health, Luxembourg, Luxembourg


I graduated in biological science at the “Università degli Studi di Milano” (Italy) and obtained a PhD in Human Biology at the Faculty of Medicine of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (Munich, Germany). In 2015, I obtained the Accreditation to Direct Research (HDR) from the Université Paris-Sud (France). From 2009 to 2018, I was the head of the FlowCyTech core facility at the Atomic Energy Commission (Fontenay-aux-Roses, France) and I am now the head of Biospecimen Services & Data Generation unit, at the Luxembourg Institute of Health. The unit hosts the major sample processing facilities of the institute and the National Cytometry Platform directed by myself. My scientific activity focused for long time on the study of the immune system during HIV infection. In 2011, FlowCyTech was the first core facility in Europe to implement the mass cytometry or Cytometry by Time Of Flight (CyTOF). I used the CyTOF for the comparative analysis of the immune system in humans and in the Cynomolgus macaque model, and the characterization of the innate immune system in infectious diseases, vaccination models and inflammatory diseases. I am an expert in the development of flow-cytometry-based assays, data management and analysis. I wish to facilitate multidimensional data analysis by merging the fields of flow cytometry and Business Intelligence. I recently proposed a new method for the annotation of cell type based on prime numbers and the fundamental theorem of arithmetic. I am very active in the single cell community in organizing workshops and trainings. I am an Associate Editor for the journal

Selected publications:

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