Board, refreshment

Coffee breaks are included in the registration fee and will be served in the
foyer of the conference halls.

Lunches can be purchased for 300 CZK via the registration form (edit your registration). Lunch will be served in the foyer of the conference venue.

Welcome drink (Saturday, 2. 9., 19:00)
The Czech Society for Analytical Cytometry invites participants to a welcome
party, which is covered by CSAC Society (not from the registration fee).
Admission is free to participants.

Social event (Sunday, 3. 9., 20:00)
Free ticket for a social event will be received by CSAC members only.
Tickets to the event for non-members can be purchased for 700 CZK via the registration form.

Tickets to the social event and welcome drink for accompanying persons can be purchased for 1 200 CZK via the conference registration system.