Vladimír Beneš

EMBL Heidelberg

"Flow cytometry and single-cell transcriptomics: much more than a marriage of convenience"


Cirino Botta

Assistant Professor, University of Palermo

"The (R)evolution of multiple myeloma immunomonitoring: from bone marrow to peripheral blood"


Mirjam van der Burg
Leiden University Medical Center, Dept. of Pediatric Immunology, Leiden, the Netherlands

  "The power of flow cytometry in understanding inborn errors of immunity: the story of the IL7 receptor"


Antonio Cosma
National Cytometry Platform, Luxembourg Institute of Health, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

  "Business Intelligence FAIR approach for immune profiling of COVID-19"

Matthias Ernst

Director, ONJCRI
Head, Cancer and Inflammation Program
Head, Cancer and Inflammation Laboratory
Head, School of Cancer Medicine, La Trobe University
Melbourne, Australia


Timothy Farren
​​​​​​Immunophenotyping Department, Specialist Integrated Haematological Malignancy Diagnostics Service (SIHMDS), NHS East and South, London, England
East London Pathology Partnership.
Hosted by Barts Health NHS Trust.

"From the laboratory to patient bedside – pitfalls and translational practice."


Enrico Lugli
​​​​​​Humanitas Research Hospital, department of Immunology, Milan, Italy

"High-dimensional single cell analysis of the T cell immune response"

Jaromir Mikes

Karolinska Institutet, Clinical Paediatrics, Research Group P Brodin Stockholm, Sweden

"Minimize technical variation to see a more biological signal - optimized blood sampling methods in Systems immunology"


Josef Spidlen
​​​​​​BD Biosciences, Ashland, OR, USA

"State-of-the-art and future of computational flow cytometry"


Josef Šlerka
Studies of New Media, Faculty of Arts,
Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

"4 challenges for academic research in the age of generative AI"


Radek Špíšek
Sotio Biotech, Prague,
Czech Republic

"Translating cancer immunotherapy approaches
to the clinic"