Cirino Botta
Head of Experimental Hematology and Immunogenomics lab Hematology Unit, University of Palermo, Italy


Short bio incl. scientific interests. Cirino Botta is a translational hemato-oncologist, Assistant Professor of Hematology and leader of the “Experimental Hematology and Immunogenomics” lab at the University of Palermo, in Italy. He obtained MD graduation at the University of Siena and PhD and residency in molecular and medical Oncology at the University of Catanzaro in Italy. He spent is post-doc at the University of Navarra, Spain, in the laboratory leaded by Dr. Bruno Paiva. He has been working on cancer immunology with a specific interest for multiple myeloma (MM), for the last 10 years, spending time at both bench and bedside. His research activity focus on the interaction between MM cells and the surrounding BM immune microenvironment; recently, he focused on the mechanisms underlying tumor associated Dendritic Cells and neutrophils polarization, leading to immune suppression, drug resistance and disease progression. To this end with his current and past groups he pioneered microRNAs and ATACseq in MM associated microenvironment, demonstrating how epigenetic modulators (miRNA mimetics or deacetylating agents) could be useful to recover from the tumor induced immune-suppression and restore response to bispecifics Abs. Currently, his group is focused on dissecting the role of the BM microenvironment at the single cell level by using innovative methods (CITEseq, Perturb-seq, TCR/BCRseq) and microbiota in fostering the progression from pre-malignant conditions, MGUS and smoldering, to active malignant MM stages.

Selected publications:

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