Mirjam van der Burg
Leiden University Medical Center, Dept. of Pediatric Immunology, Leiden, the Netherlands
Website: www.lumc.nl

The research of the group of Mirjam van der Burg focusses on inborn errors of immunity, especially severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), B-cell deficiencies and DNA repair disorders. The main aim is to provide a better understanding of the effect of monogenetic defects on B and T-cell differentiation and antigen receptor repertoire formation. The studies are directly linked to early diagnosis of SCID via newborn screening and immune reconstitution after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

Selected publications:

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  • IL-7 receptor signaling drives human B-cell progenitor differentiation and expansion. Kaiser FMP, Janowska I, Menafra R, de Gier M, Korzhenevich J, Pico-Knijnenburg I, Khatri I, Schulz A, Kuijpers TW, Lankester AC, Konstantinidis L, Erlacher M, Kloet S, van Schouwenburg PA, Rizzi M, van der Burg M Blood 2023, in press
  • Delineating Human B Cell Precursor Development With Genetically Identified PID Cases as a Model. Wentink MWJ, T. K, Perez-Andres M, Del Pino Molina L, IJspeert H, Kavelaars F, Lankester AC, Lecrevisse Q, van Dongen JJM, Orfao A, van der Burg M. Front Immunol. 2019 Nov 26;10:2680.
  • Normal Numbers of Stem Cell Memory T Cells Despite Strongly Reduced Naive T Cells Support Intact Memory T Cell Compartment in Ataxia Telangiectasia. Weitering TWJ, Melsen JE, van Ostaijen-Ten Dam MM, Weemaes CMR, Schilham MW, van der Burg M. Front Immunol. 2021 Jun 24;12:686333
  • Recommendations for uniform definitions used in newborn screening for severe combined immunodeficiency. Blom M, Zetterström RH, Stray-Pedersen A, Gilmour K, Gennery AR, Puck JM, van der Burg M. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2022 Apr;149(4):1428-1436.
  • Biallelic PAX5 mutations cause hypogammaglobulinemia, sensorimotor deficits, and autism spectrum disorder. Kaiser FMP, Gruenbacher S, Oyaga MR, Nio E, Jaritz M, Sun Q, van der Zwaag W, Kreidl E, Zopf LM, Dalm VASH, Pel J, Gaiser C, van der Vliet R, Wahl L, Rietman A, Hill L, Leca I, Driessen G, Laffeber C, Brooks A, Katsikis PD, Lebbink JHG, Tachibana K, van der Burg M, De Zeeuw CI, Badura A, Busslinger M. J Exp Med. 2022 Sep 5;219(9):e20220498.