Josef Šlerka
Studies of New Media, Faculty of Arts, Charles University (
Center for Modeling Biological and Social Processes (

Josef Šlerka is an former theater maker, trained aesthetician, and has a PhD in information science. He currently heads the Department of New Media Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University. He has gone through startups Ataxo Interactive and Socialbaker. For four years he worked as the director of the Endowment Fund for Independent Journalism. All his interests intersect at one point: symbolic analysis. The way man lives symbols and how to analyze this world maps both in his semiotic texts and in the development of analytical tools and services such as the NFNZ Media Rating. Since summer 2021, he has been collaborating with the server as a data journalist.

Selected publications:

  • Berec, Luděk, Tomáš Diviák, Aleš Kuběna, René Levínský, Roman Neruda, Gabriela Suchopárová, Josef Šlerka et al. "On the contact tracing for COVID-19: A simulation study." Epidemics 43 (2023): 100677.
  • Merunková, L., & Šlerka, J. (2019). Goffman's theory as a framework for analysis of self presentation on online social networks. Masaryk University Journal of Law and Technology, 13(2), 243-276.
  • Šlerka, Josef, and Vít Šisler. "Who is shaping your agenda? Social network analysis of anti-Islam and anti-immigration movement audiences on Czech Facebook." Expressions of Radicalization: Global Politics, Processes and Practices (2018): 61-85.
  • Šlerka, Josef, and Vít Šisler. "Normalized social distance: Quantitative analysis of religion-centered gaming pages on social networks." Methods for Studying Video Games and Religion. Routledge, 2017. 171-187.